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Tel: (330)-406-9690

National HQ:

1457 Central Parkway Ave SE

Warren, Ohio 44484

United States of America 

2018 WNI, proudly created with Wix for Nonprofits

Community Partnerships

The National Warren Neighborhood Initiative also known as WNI is first and foremost a Community & Economic Development Not-for-Profit Organization. 

WNI hosts Community Development Projects to help aid in improving the overall visual aspects of a projected target area and educating the people within them to build more self sustainable communities. Some Initiatives that WNI hosts are:

Community & Park Improvement Initiatives:

-These projects focus on repairs and renovations to both residential homes and commercial properties within a targeted area of a low-to-moderate income community by either the purchase or acquisition of the property or by partnering with another organization with similar project goals. The ultimate goal of every project that involves residential and commercial properties is to bring the property or parcel to living, modern, and operational status for the individual or organization.

-These projects can also focus on the redevelopment of a community park or recreational area/facility located within a low-to-moderate income community. WNI may host, co-host, sponsor, or collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, local, state, and federal governments, and businesses to complete this project. The ultimate goal of every project that involves a public area is to provide the area to be more compelling for events and attractions to be held at the venue.

Community Outreach Initiatives:

-These projects focus on building the brand of the National Warren Neighborhood Initiative through community fundraisers and events. The fundraisers are to involve the community in fun, family-friendly games and activities to raise awareness of WNI. The events are to involve educating the community in ways to improve basic competency of different aspects of life within a low-to-moderate income community. Some aspects may include:


-Checking Account vs Savings Account

-National Bank vs Prepaid/Employer Debit Card


-Credit Score

-Retirement Planning

Economic Development Initiatives: 

-These projects focus on aiding development of new businesses and organizations to provide jobs and economic growth within a projected target area of a low-to-moderate income community, by way of educating current business owners to become more financially competent with business plans and budgeting, preparation for Federal Tax filings and Business document retention. WNI can help prospective nonprofit organizations by aiding them with fiscal sponsorships while awaiting exemption status, preparation of  nonprofit Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, and also with business organizational plans and structure designs.

WNI drives to involve the community as much as possible with every project and initiative. Join WNI today to help us spread our cause. Fill out the form below to be contacted to Volunteer with WNI. We currently are only accepting volunteers located within the Midwestern States of the USA. We have 3 Offices located within the State of Ohio and a Disaster Relief Team in Puerto Rico: 

-Warren, Ohio(National HQ, State Office, B.O.D Office)

-Cleveland, Ohio(Midwest National Office)

-Akron, Ohio(Northeast Ohio Office)

-Puerto Rico Relief Team

What is WNI Pride