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Who is WNI?

The National Warren Neighborhood Initiative also known as WNI, is a Non-profit, Community & Economic Development Organization Based out of Warren, Ohio. WNI is a federally registered Non-profit, Charitable Organization(501c3) within the USA by the United States Department of Treasury and the Federal Internal Revenue Service.

WNI was founded in late 2016 by our current Executive President and Chairman of the WNI National Board of Directors, D'Andre Bowers. Bowers founded WNI on the principal that just because a low income community has always been neglected and under developed, doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Changing the perception of the residents within the community, by teaching and educating them so that their community will become more self-sustainable.

WNI Mission Statement 

WNI's mission is to aid in the Community/Economic Development and Revitalization of neighborhoods across the United States but primarily focusing on low-to-moderate income communities within Northeast Ohio.


WNI will achieve its mission by hosting, partnering and collaborating with other nonprofit organizations with similar mission values, as well as local, state, and federal governments and businesses within the community.

WNI Vision

WNI envisions transforming a community that was previously under-developed and filled with blight such as Vacant, Abandoned, & Condemned Homes, High Grass around properties and land parcels to a community that is filled with residents living in a community that is self sufficient in keeping itself clean and the residents within them happy and employed. 

WNI will achieve its vision by partnering with other nonprofit organizations and governments that believe in WNI's vision, as well as building new Nonprofit Associations to aid in continued revitalization and development of the prospective target area and by aiding new business owners and nonprofit boards build the economy within a community to produce more prospective jobs.

National Executive Staff

National President & CEO:

D'Andre Bowers,

National Vice-President(Senior):

Dr. Gerald Morgan,

Special Advisor to the President:

Andrea Talbott,

Finance Director(CFO):

Tyler Wesolowski,

Operations Director(COO):

Pierson J. Butcher Jr,

Deputy Executive Director:

Ty Taylor,

Executive Vice-President(Junior) & CNI CEO 

Draye Luton,

National Board of Directors


Mr. D'Andre L. Bowers,


Dr. Gerald L. Morgan,

City of Warren Community Development Chair:

Cheryl Saffold: 6th Ward Councilwoman,


Ty Taylor,


Former Board Member:

Rev. Todd Johnson, Former Board Director 

Former Board Member:

Bridgette Smith, Former Secretary-Treasurer​

WNI National Board Meetings are held quarterly to evaluate WNI National Executive Staff and to improve overall organizational growth. The National Board of Directors is committed to be a transparent nonprofit organization, regularly evaluating and providing fiscal reviews for the National Executive Staff. National Board of Directors meetings are closed to the general public and announced by WNI National Board Chairman. Invitations can be granted with written authorization from the National Board Chairman.

Awarded in 2017 by

National Community Development Charity (CDC)

Federal EIN: 81-3499140

Non-profit, 501(c)3 Organization

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